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Germany is a country that has always been special to me and I suspect, not only to me. It is a country that fascinates me with its reconstruction process after WWII. Germany managed to rebuild so successfully that it has become noticeably prosperous in Europe and today it’s a dream country for many people. Nowadays, Germany is distinguished by its economy, ecology, culture, science, etc.

I always knew that visiting Germany wasn’t a pipedream. However, the best things happen unexpectedly. Yes, yes, yes ! I am extraordinarily lucky because “I was in the right place with right people at the right moment”.

So, let’s start ūüôā

My admiration began in the sky. Flying above Cologne I saw green fields and trees that made me to think- Is it really winter now ? From this moment I already knew that I will discover many many things different from my country.
Walking in the streets of Cologne I realized that something was wrong with my ears- Silence, this magic silence¬† immediately turned me out in an absolutely different world. Next, I saw so many bicycles that I thought I was in a shop. But soon it became clear that bikes aren’t for sale. It is a main vehicle type for almost half of the residents. People of any age and any gender ride bikes. This is really cool !
On the first day I was able to visit the newsrooms of the local newspaper- “K√∂lner Stadt-Anzeiger”. The tour was wonderful. I was just impressed by the people who introduced their company to our group. Each of them tried to give us as much information as was possible. What I’ve seen and heard there was surprising but their reception was something I can’t express with words.


Now let me say some words about Cologne architecture and Christmas markets.
Kölner Dom- The largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. When I saw this huge church with its two huge spires, I was a bit scared. It was stunning.

Christmas Market- Traditional German Christmas market with aromas of grilled sausages and very very tasty snacks is something that everyone should see at least once. Besides this Christmas noise you can also feel something romantic that makes you to be full of Christmas Spirit.


Christmas markets are amazing in D√ľsseldorf too. For me,¬†D√ľsseldorf is even more beautiful than Cologne. Visiting the top of the TV tower-Rheinturm is unforgettable. The view from the top of the tower is spectacular. Rhine tower has slanted windows and anyone who wants can lie on them. Of course, I lied down too- mmm, this disorienting feeling was unique.



After this two cities I want to introduce you Gruiten- a historical German village and an absolutely different adventure for me. Without any exaggerating, I thought I was in a fairy-tale. The delicate colors of narrow-headed houses, the smell of nature and simply decorated windows, is there something more that needs subject of a fairy-tale?!

And in the end, I want to explain the title of this blog.
While being in Germany, I’ve felt a life rhythm of German people. Everyone is working in the morning and everyone is enjoying with life in the evening. Everyone is responsible for him/herself and shortly, they know how to live !


Youth challenges in the South Caucasus

I’m Georgian, therefore I’m Caucasian. If I respect my country, I should respect my region. If I respect my region, I should respect my continent. If I respect my continent, I should respect the whole world !!!
This very simple chain is an answer on every question which is connected to Ethnos and Ethnicity. Ethnic problems are especially typical for Caucasian people because of clear reasons.
The Caucasus is one of the most culturally,religiously,ethnically and linguistically diverse region on the Earth. This region is separated¬†between northern and southern parts. Features I have mentioned is exceptionally very catchier in Southern Caucasia. That’s why geopolitical situation in this region is too tensed. The main problems are Abkhazian and Ossetian conflict on Georgian territory and Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between the republic of Armenia and Azerbaijan.¬†In all three cases we are talking about¬†ethnic confrontation. However, these problems become more and ¬†more complicated because of one reason- Russian Federation. No-one and nothing can change my mind about this because it is usual Russian political course.The most workable means for maintaining its political influence on this region is to speculate with these conflicts.
Unfortunately, it’s fact that Russian federation manages this. But, there exists one big BUT.
Despite too many differences( which sometimes are just things of manipulating) Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan have one big uniting force- Youth. Youth who understands that any Ethnos has its cultural values and we should just accept and respect them. Youth who understands that warm and human attitude towards each other is absolutely possible. Youth who does not avoid meeting each other. Youth who are motivated to live in a peaceful region (in a peaceful world). Youth who believes that different Ethnoses are being united in one big race- Human race and on this level we all are equal. Youth who can hardily say:
‚ÄĘI’m Georgian, therefore I’m Caucasian. If I respect my country, I should respect my region.
‚ÄĘI’m Armenian, therefore I’m Caucasian. If I respect my country, I should respect my region.
‚ÄĘI’m Azerbaijanian, therefore I’m Caucasian. If I respect my country, I should respect my region.
So, our main challenge is to break a stereotype according to which Armenians, Azerbaijans and Georgians (especially those who live in their homeland) can not speak each other without anger and negative attitude.

BeFunky Collage

P.S. Do not you believe ? Here is a link of one perfect example that shows how cheerily Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijanian students and trainers work and just spend their time together ūüôā

‚ÄúAge is an issue of mind over matter‚ÄĚ – Koda CEC proves this !

Sooner or later we all die! This is the fact which is unavoidable and we all know it. However, our attitude to this fact is various in various ages:
10 years old – Really?…I don’t care…I’ve so many years forward…
20 years old-¬†It’s OK ! I just started to live..I don’t care…I’ve so many years forward…
30 years old-¬†It’s OK ! Life is so beautiful…I’ve so many years forward…
40 years old-¬†It’s OK !¬†Life is so beautiful…
50 years old-¬†It’s OK !…
60 years old-¬†It’s not OK…
70 years old-¬†I’ve just few years forward…
80 years old-¬†When I’ ll die, please do …

After this a little bit sad statistic I’ve one very glad news for you. The situation which is described above isn’t unchangeable.
Several days ago I was able to visit community education center in Koda (village in Georgia). Organizers presented their center and talked about their projects. The number of courses which this center offers to local people (most of them are IDPs ) are 27-too many for this little village. Children, adults, older people, they all have chance to take different courses. Community education center encourages everyone to learn something interesting for them and furthermore, they even help them to find a job. I can infinitely talk about their work  but I think one accident in which I was involved too describes everything that I want to say.
12203946_929855070419550_1426113744_oHere you can see an old man which is one of the beneficiaries of Koda CEC. When he finished his literature lesson, I and my friends asked him if it was possible to take a picture to him. He was agree but asked to wait for a minute to put off his stick. We said that it wasn’t essential. When he heard these words he got angry and said: ” What do you think, am I so old that can’t stand without my stick until you will take a photo?”. Then he smiled and just walked away. This maybe simple but on the other hand pleasant fact proves that “age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”. Old people who live actively in Koda think so. Koda CEC managed this, because they give them the most important thing- the ability to live actively!
And here is a photo of our hero- Old man without his stick !


Government and free medical care

Health and problems related to it are very important, especially nowadays and especially in inter-countries. Almost everyone is in need of medical care. The problem is here- everyone needs but is it available for everyone?¬†When we talk about health care services, there are two main issues- money and quality.However, recently the main problem is an amount of money- citizens often can not afford health services due to economic hardship. As of the government, let’s remember its essence- relationship between employer¬†and employee. Thus, the answer to the question whether the State should provide free medical services is clear- yes!¬†Another question is how, but this time it did not refer to our discussion.
Obviously, the free service does not mean that no one will pay for it. Payers can be various organizations, which have signed an agreement, memorandum, etc with the government (in particular with the Ministry of health).¬†The state is obliged to take into account the interests of the population (it is a precondition of its creation) and a health in the first place. Why?-¬†Health is not everything, but everything is nothing without health!¬†Therefore, how can a person have any concern if you he/she has not possibility to use it because of health condition. Accordingly, the main concern of State should be a¬†maintenance of citizens medical care.It’s just a norm! Arguments for this are too many:¬†The grave economic situation (often caused by the wrong work ); Quite expensive medical services (for obvious reasons); High frequency of using medical services, etc. From personal experience I know how important is free or just cheap (available) medical services. When we are talking about health problem especially when it decides your life, of course you can give any amount of money. But when you have not time and you have to procure huge amount of money, otherwise your closest human will die, you feel yourself destroyed!
Thus, everyone should work in order to make medical services available for population- for everyone! I understand that we shouldn’t escape from our civic duty but government should regulate though issues related to health !


Everyone wants tranquility in the country, but not everyone wants to take part in it

Everyone wants tranquility in the country, but not everyone wants to take part in the establishment of order. In my opinion, this problem is especially typical for Georgians, for us.
For the establishment of public order is essential the participation of all us. In fact, some (no, most) people don’t think so and they hardily say this.¬†The result of such an attitude is that the desire still remains as desire. In order to solve this problem is essential developing of public awareness.¬†Each person should be aware of himself/herself as a citizen. We should obey the law and at the same time morale shouldn’t be a strange thing for us. In fact, public order is synthesis of law and morale. Next, public order means everyone.¬†If we foresee these two facts, results will be clear. Of course, it’s very hard. But if we observe, we will see that designated problem has roots in many other field. For instance, public order is directly connected with women rights. Promoting women’s participation in social life leads to avoid stereotypical thinking which in its turn is the first reason why not everyone wants to participate in establishment of tranquility.
Uniting together we can make a difference ! So, let’s start today: let’s each of us start thinking about our obligations, our moral obligations; about our responsibilities; about essence of our life .¬†The time is always now !


New Nordic Fashion Exhibition in Tbilisi

12094738_1043203709047001_6964383499377232073_o  12094782_1043203675713671_1128388076301544783_o12094902_1043203629047009_6392346296137211756_o  In connection and cooperation with Tbilisi Fashion Week the Embassies of Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and Norway were pleased to present fashion sketches from esteemed fashion Illustrators from the Nordic countries. The exhibition was include by:
Marju Tammik (Estonia)
Anu Samar√ľ√ľtel (Estonia)
Britt Samoson (Estonia)
Kätlin Kaljuvee (Estonia)
Laura Laine (Finland)
Annu Kilpeläinen (Finland)
Riikka Sormunen (Finland)
Jarno Kettunen (Finland)
Cecilia Carlstedt (Sweden)
Stina Persson (Sweden)
Daniel Egneus (Sweden)
Sara Andreasson (Sweden)
Liselotte Watkins (Sweden)
Naja Conrad-Hansen (Denmark)
Mia Marie Overgaard (Denmark)
Mads Berg (Denmark)
Lisa Grue (Denmark)
Esra Roise (Norway)
Natalie Foss (Norway)
Magnus Voll Mathiassen (Norway)
Hans Christian Oren (Norway)
This exhibition was really amazing! First of all, artworks were so impressive, that I just stared at them. Modern style, delicate colors, light topic, different perception of life – combination of these facts made the exhibition lovable. Furthermore, you really feel how Art helps to relax. To be honest I did not expected that! I thought that artworks would be decided in a more heavy style, which I don’t like at all. So, I was delightfully surprised. Also, I was happy at the same time, because this nicest artists showed us Nordic culture in an absolutely different way.
On the other hand, the exhibition was special, because it was publicly available.Often, not everyone has chance to enjoy such kind of cultural events. Next, I should note up¬†the aim of the exhibition. As organizing group announced,¬†the unique sketches will be auctioned off in order to support First Step Georgia (NGO dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for children with special needs) and Dog Organization Georgia (a dog shelter). So, for me this exhibition was the example of “Beneficial Art” (beneficial in many many ways).
In the end, I offer one nice Swedish song called “Vem vet”(“Who knows”), which is as refined as Nordic¬†artworks exhibited in ¬†Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art.

Ecotourism in Batumi

A few days ago I’ve read one interesting blogpost about ecotourism and I wondered how it is developed in my country. I’ve turned out that there exists one interesting company called “Batumi Birding”. This company is newly established and owned by the Sabuko (Society for Nature Conversation). Various festivals and tours¬†are organized by them that are¬†really amazing and important. As a matter of fact, this is innovation for Georgia.”Batumi Birding” encourages the development of ecotourism and that’s why I decided to write about this company.


First of all, let’s say some words about ecotourism.Why we should take care of this?
1-Ecotourism promotes greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.
2-Ecotourism builds cultural and environmental awareness and respect.
3-It generates financial benefits for both local people and private industry. ūüôā

Now, about Batumi Birding…
This beautiful city, the capital of Ajara offers different and excellent birding locations. The trips around Batumi gives you a chance to explore diverse nature of the Caucasus and see the ¬†‘Big five’ Caucasian birds:
1-Caucasian Black Grouse 20130603113943066
2-Caucasian Snowcock       Caucasian Snowcock
3-Great Rosefinch                 download
4-G√ľldenstadts redstart ¬† ¬†whitewinged_redstart
5-Caucasian Chiffchaff      download (1)

You can discover the bird life and enjoy with the unique beauty of Ajara.The excursions that are orginized in different locations are very rich because they include various “activities”. From these tours ‘Kolkheti National Park boat trip’ is the most exciting. “In the National park you can find up to 200 species of birds in early Spring and late Autumn it is time for bird migration and many tourists come to observe birds: storks, pelicans, ducks,¬†swans, geese, some species of¬†water birds. It’s interesting place to see due to¬†unique and specific beauty of swamps, especially in the autumn with snowed Caucasus Mountains and beautiful colors of ecosystem around the lake.”

P.S. How I want to cuddle these amazing birds above ‚ė̬†ūüôā

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